The short story

This is Eric, he’s a fluffy koala with a kick ass mission; to make searching for things to do, fun and straight forward regardless of need, ability, and challenges faced. He is here to close the searching gap, between mainstream stuff to do, and places that accommodate folk with extra needs (like a new mum, a wheelchair user, or someone who is autistic). Eric loves a good hen do, he can help with that. He also loves to pin point those companies which help or go that extra bit further, when folk need it. He loves to make finding things to do straight forward.

Have a look at Eric’s video to see why we provide inclusive, invaluable and innovative searching;

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The long story (get a brew and a shortbread)

Meet Ella, Helen and Sonia. Ella has worked as an occupational therapist for nearly 20 years. She has worked with folk who use wheelchairs, and have mobility difficulties, and those recovering from life changing injuries. She’s loved every second. She’s mum to 3 lovely children; twin tots and her eldest boy Fynn who is autistic. He’s a proper character and has taught her more about life in his last 6 years, than she has learned before! Ella’s has spent 20 years of her healthcare career helping people find things that address a particular need. She wanted to create something that closes the gap between what is thought of as mainstream and things that cater for more specific needs. She wanted to create a safe space for people to come and share their experiences. She also wanted to provide opportunities to charities, companies and startups on how they can understand and accommodate the needs of those with additional needs.

Sonia is a mum to two wonderful children and a qualified occupational therapist with nearly 20 years experience specialising in treating chronic pain,  stroke and brain injuries. Helen is also a mum to two amazing girls and a front line keyworker with in depth experience in surgery, gastrointestinal care and tissue viability.



Here’s the crooks of it; we have always thought that if this world was geared up for people in wheelchairs, people who had mobility or vision problems, or folk had more understanding of those with autism, then people wouldn’t have half the difficulties and challenges they face. It’s not someone’s condition that reduces their abilities, it’s the environment. We are so passionate about finding out more about this, we are teaming up with Durham University to carry out research on the perspectives of those with different needs when accessing community resources.

There’s a gap between ‘mainstream stuff and specialist stuff’, and there shouldn’t be. So, let’s close the gap. We can all do it, it’s not something that needs to be a mystery. Let’s start talking, let’s start making this part of every day life. So everyone is included. #nooneleftbehind

How we help

Below are some of the examples of the kind of thing we are talking about:

  • You know that place that really helped when a little lad with autism got upset but couldn’t tell anyone why and the staff were amazing? Welcome to Eric, we celebrate you.
  • You know that café where the staff just brought water to the breastfeeding mum, without ever being asked? Welcome to Eric!
  • That place that increased their outdoor space so people could socially distance more easily? Welcome to Eric.
  • That nature reserve where the paths are level, shallow and easily accessible?..Eric.
  • That museum where there is a large changing space, plinth and a hoist?…. ERIC!!

You get the picture.


Social Responsibility

Part of Eric’s social responsibility (and this is something that really excites us) is providing training and supportive discussion for staff, managers, CEOs at venues and companies. The training includes how to understand the requisites of those with different needs; e.g. people who use wheelchairs, have autism, head injuries, those with visual impairment. Feel free to approach us about anything you would like to know more about. There is so much to tell you, I could keep going but your brew is probably going cold now.

So welcome, search, contribute, share the love, (…..and eucalyptus leaves, koalas love them).

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