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The Most Disability-friendly Nightclub in The Northeast

Introduction In this blog, I would like to shed light on nightclubs and how accessible they are towards people with a learning disability and autistic people. Are you autistic or no somebody else who’s autistic and loves music and dancing? If so, do you or that other person wish to be able to go to […]

The Aglow experience

SummaryAglow is an event in Bishop Auckland where visitor can view various light trails. in addition. you can also see Santa. As well as, many carnival games. Background Of Aglow Aglow is an Event That is based in Bishop Auckland Furthermore it is also Located in The Castle owned by The Auckland project. Breath’s life […]

Autism friendly Christmas event in Durham

Aglow Looking for things to do and/or events this Christmas that are disability and autism friendly and all of the family can enjoy? We have done some research for Christmas events in the Northeast including County Durham that are inclusive and tailored to autistic peoples’ and people with learning difficulties’ needs.We have come across an […]

Autism Friendly Christmas Event in Newcastle

Northern Lights Looking for things to do and/or events this Christmas that are disability and autism friendly and all of the family can enjoy? We have done some research for Christmas events in the Northeast including County Durham that are inclusive and tailored to autistic peoples’ and people with learning difficulties’ needs. Now, we will […]

My Journey to Employment

  How I got into paid employment with a learning disability and autism My introduction By Martyn Walton with Durham Enable and Eric Knows I have got a learning disability called autism, I have struggled with getting into paid employment because of my learning disability and autism. Furthermore,  I did deejaying at The Pug And […]

Why I got a guide dog

Why I got a guide dog This is the reason why I got my guide dog. I got to my destination. Got off the bus and immediately turned to my left and boom! Lamppost to the face. Yet again. Crash, bang, wallop and lamppost to the face and a big, pained ooh from the crowd. […]

Visualising the Autism Spectrum

SummaryThis blog argues that autism should be visualised holistically instead of on a linear scale. People should take into account the many autistic traits people have and listen to their support needs. This moves away from the constraints created by incomplete diagnostic criteria and societal stereotypes. Ultimately, visualising autism with these things in mind prioritises […]

Identity or Person-First Language? What to use

SummaryThe blog below will explain what identity and person-first terminology are, what their connotations are and when is appropriate to use them. It will also explain which groups of people prefer each language and which one I recommend you use. What is identity-first language? Identity-first language recognises that the individual is shaped by their disability. […]

6 TV Shows with Good Disability Representation

SummaryHere you will find a list of 6 TV shows that have been noted for their inclusion of disabled characters. In no particular order, the following list discusses the importance of including disabled actors in the writing room and the positivity of showing how capable disabled people can be in fantastical, magical, and completely ordinary […]

Alexithymia- Not Feeling It Today

Alexithymia- Not Feeling It Today What is alexithymia? “What is alexithymia?” you’re probably wondering… is it some kind of strong painkilling drug? It also sounds like a very rare disease? Or maybe an extinct dinosaur even!! You are not alone in not knowing what it is. It is rather surprising how many people have never heard […]

Visual impairment: My experience

My experience with a visual impairment My name is Joshua Young and I’d like to talk about my experience as a person with a visual impairment. To clarify things I have Nystagmus, a condition where the optical nerve never fully developed as I was in the womb. As I grew up I would be getting […]

Autism, Apathy and Alexithymia

SummaryThis blog explores why autistic individuals may come across as apathetic, the link between alexithymia and autism, and why the misconception that all autistic people are apathetic has even come about. Are all autistic people apathetic? No, people with autism spectrum disorder are not inherently apathetic. However, this is still a huge misconception from allistic […]

Hyperfixation and Burnout in Neurodivergency

SummaryA discussion on hyperfixation and burnout, and how the two can affect each other. Are hyperfixation and burnout linked? When on the internet for any given time, there are numerous terms that others throw out when referring to facets of them being neurodivergent. Among these terms, hyperfixation and burnout are among the more widespread. For […]

Sex Education And Autism

Educating Sex & Relationships to Autistic People We will refer to a sex therapist who has recently done a podcast with North East Autism Society, she was questioned on various topics around this “edgy” subject around autism an sex. The podcast can be listened to on Spotify here. Ness Cooper is a clinical sexologist trained […]


SummaryWhy did we create a STEM club for autistic young people and their families?  What is STEM Club? And how can we help autistic people? STEM is short for science, technology, engineering and math. A club that incorporates all these things means that you get the flexibility to cover different topics in a fun and […]

Autism Masking in Children

Autism Masking in Children How Do I Know That My Child is Masking? Being a parent or carer of a child comes with the greatest responsibility. Your child is even more important than your own life. That is why I have written another blog to discuss autism masking in children. If you have already read […]

Neurodiverse vs Neurodivergent vs Neurotypical….help!!

SummaryA user friendly guide to helping you understand the difference between neurodivergent, neurodiversity and neurotypical. What is Neurodiversity? Neurodiverse, neurodivergent, neurotypical? What is neurodiverse? Alot of neuros!! ‘I can’t tell them they can’t be neurodiverse’…. ‘I mean who do I think I am??’ I have heard people say in group conversation ‘I am neurodiverse’. Then […]

Autism Awareness and Emotional Positivity Courses, 2023

SummaryFunded places available on new course We have exciting news about our autism training provision! Eric Knows has funding from Great Aycliffe and Middridge Partnership – GAMP to run a year’s worth of Autism Awareness and Emotional Positivity courses. We will be doing this in collaboration with Learning a New Way CIC. The course is […]

Autistic representation: what’s the issue?

SummaryWhat is the issue with autistic representation in the media? In this blog we discuss the issue with autistic representation through a few different lenses and discuss how we can begin to improve this by creating better portrayals of autism in the media and giving autistic people a higher level of creative control. What is […]

Autism Masking- Unmasked

Autism Masking- Unmasked Most people who have come across autism before probably don’t know what “masking” is. Even people who know someone- a family member, or friend- who is autistic are unlikely to be aware that they are masking- if they are masking of course. In this blog, we will briefly cover meaning of masking […]

5 Best Disability-Friendly Caravan Holidays

 Top 5 Disability-Friendly Caravan Holidays Fancy a nice get-away but don’t fancy flying? In need of an exciting holiday but don’t like travelling? Do you struggle with finding the perfect holiday destinations that are accommodating to all hour needs? Maybe a caravan holiday would be ideal for you! We understand that people with disabilities ranging […]

Preparing for University (what they don’t tell you)

Welcome to this blog on preparing for University! University can be one of the most terrifying things you can do at any age. Especially due to the fact that many 18-year-olds go off to University in a different city from where they are from. I have this experience. Being born and raised in the West […]

A trip to Durham

Durham is a beautiful city rich in history! It is the perfect place to discover the beautiful river wear and the stunning scenery. Recently my girlfriend and I did a trip to Durham to see for ourselves all the things we could do. This blog post will show you how much there truly is to […]

Dyslexia – a guide

Dyslexia is a very misunderstood learning difficulty. Due to being widely misunderstood, there are problems presented with diagnosis, help and general misinformation. These can hinder someone who may be showing signs of dyslexia.  What is dyslexia? Dyslexia is a learning difficulty that most often causes issues with reading, writing and spelling. It is very important […]

Things to consider when creating a Dementia Friendly venue

You might first be asking yourself what makes a venue or environment dementia friendly? What does the term ‘dementia friendly’ even mean? Well, people living with dementia often encounter many challenges when trying to engage with their communities and local venues. Venues that appreciate and acknowledge the experiences of people with dementia, and who use […]

Top 5 Hotspots in Bishop Auckland

Top 5 Hotspots in Visit in Bishop Auckland Bishop Auckland is one of the many unsung towns in County Durham that has a lot of rich history, culture and plenty of hidden gems for people (including families with children) to explore. The town offers plenty of attractions and historic touristy hotspots worth a family day-out. […]

‘Lesbian’ is not a dirty word.

Throughout the process of writing LGBTQ+ blog posts, I feel as though naturally a lot of research and blog writing centres around gay men. This is fantastic progress from where we have been as a community however it leaves other people within the community isolated. Therefore, writing this post about the term lesbian holds special […]

Figuring out you are a lesbian in a straight world

Welcome to this blog post about the process of finding out you are a lesbian in a straight world. The process of finding out you are lesbian in a straight world is an important idea to look into. The effects this ‘straight world’ can have on experiences is monumental. Throughout this blog, I recount my […]

Anxiety in daily life: coping mechanisms

Welcome to this blog on anxiety, it is so crucial to understanding the impacts of anxiety in order to help people with it.  Anxiety is often found in daily life at small levels in everyone! It is a normal part of any human life and dates back to when we were cave people. However, anxiety […]

Panic attacks: helping a loved one through

Panic attacks are seen as a very scary part of anxiety and therefore watching a loved one go through one can feel terrifying. Oftentimes feeling helpless and fearful, this blog has been written to help uncover how to help someone.  It is crucial to remember that this will differ from person to person. For example, […]

LGBTQ+ stereotypes you may not realise are harmful!

Welcome to my blog about stereotypes within the LGBTQ+ community! LGBTQ+ stereotypes within society are vital to understand and debunk to become a better ally. This blog will guide you to see what is being spread within society that is not completely factual. This could be harmful. It is important to note that throughout this […]

How to make your business LGBTQ+ inclusive!

Pride month is often a big month for businesses being LGBTQ+ allies and generally showing their support. This is a great month to feel the inclusion from businesses. However, it is so crucial that this amazing support is carried on throughout the year. This blog is going to give you tips you can implement to […]

The 10 best picnic spots in Durham

Durham is well known spot of beauty and picturesque scenes. Due to this, picnic spots are an amazing opportunity to take in the beautiful scenes and take a moment to breathe. Picnics are a great day out for many reasons. Whether this be a family day out to let the children run around or a […]

LGBTQ+ inclusion : why is it important?

Happy pride month! In this month of June it has become increasingly popular to focus in on LGBTQ+ lives. Whether that be looking at history or modern day society. There has been amazing leaps in LGBTQ+ inclusion in our modern society but it is important to recognise that there is still a way to go. […]

Autism Myth Busters

10 Autism Myths- Busted! There are a lot of myths about autism, and we think it’s important to clarify the truths about autism. Let’s turn those autism myths into autism truths! On this post, we will go into further detail about autism but we will address it from a commonly misconceived perspective as this is […]

Autism Awareness; let’s have a chat!

Does your family have a recent autism diagnosis? Has a family diagnosis made you wonder about yourself? Do you work with autistic children or adults? Maybe your children have autistic friends at school? Are you just curious to know more? Join us for an informal, supportive, educational session about all things autism. And when we […]

Making your venue’s accessibility information visible on your website

5 Reasons why it’s important to detail your venue’s accessibility information on your company website For disabled and neurodivergent people attending any venue, accessibility is paramount. But what if they can’t find any accessibility information on your venue’s website before their visit? Or, what if what they can find is minimal and lacks description? When I […]

Hidden Gems in Durham City Centre

Are you looking for something new and exciting to do in your local area? Maybe you’re looking for a little adventure or maybe you’re just a bit bored of your regular coffee shop and walk type days? Well I’ve compiled the perfect little list of some weird and wonderful things to do in Durham to […]

Top 10 places to visit in the North East

Top 10 places to visit in the North East The North East is a hive of activity and is widely known for it’s breathtaking scenery, fascinating history, delicious food, and wild nightlife. It’s also known for its museums, theatres, breweries, and markets.  We’ve put together a list of some of our favourite places to visit […]

Accessibility and inclusion at the Life Science Centre in Newcastle upon Tyne

What autism means in my world (a very short snapshot) Since we got Fynn’s diagnosis of autism, I have immersed myself in trying to find out more about how the brain works, and what makes us all tick. On that journey I have discovered a lot about myself, (which I will talk about in another […]

Days out with kids in the North East

Days Out With Kids In North East Are you searching for ideas for Days Out With Kids In North East? Well, then you’ve come to the right place! Eric Knows is here to make finding things to do and places to see easy for you. We search through events, companies, and charities to put them […]

7 Of The Best Pumpkin Patches You Must Visit In The North West

7 Of The Best Pumpkin Patches You Must Visit In The North West Bippity Boppity Boo – Halloween day is finally drawing near! The days are getting shorter and you’re pulling your moth-bitten blankets and all manner of knits out from the depths of your cupboards. I absolutely love this time of year, with fast-changing […]

6 of the best Pumpkin Patches you can find in the North East

The nights are drawing in and the air is becoming frigid, which can mean only one thing – it’s finally the most wonderful time of the year! Now I may be biased, but I find Autumn to be a spectacular time of year, what with it’s beautiful foliage in all shades of colours and the […]

7 of the best Pumpkin Patches the North has to offer

The leaves are turning and there’s a distinct chill in the air, which can only mean one thing – it’s finally Autumn!    Gone are the days of sweating against heat waves and trudging along in sandals. In are cosy jumpers, the more garish the better, snuggles with hot chocolate and a whole assortment of […]

Inspiration from an LGBTQ+ charity

**Any names of real life people have been replaced by pseudonyms to maintain confidentiality** Equality woven into parenting A few weeks ago, or what feels like another lifetime ago now, Fynn, my eldest lad went to school in normal clothes. This was in celebration of Pride Month, and the school were raising awareness by encouraging […]

Days Out With Kids in Sunderland

Days Out With Kids in Sunderland Whether you’re looking for ideas on what to do on family days or days out with kids in Sunderland, searching for a charity, or checking whether a venue is wheelchair friendly, Eric Knows can help you. We are here to make finding events, charities, and venues that suit your […]

Days Out With Kids in County Durham

Days Out With Kids in County Durham If you are wanting ideas for your days out with kids in County Durham, you’ve come to the right place! Eric Knows makes finding things to do straightforward. If you’ve got mobility needs, want to find the perfect place for a family trip, or need to find a […]

5 ways to make your venue more autistic friendly

When you perceive and interact with the world in a way that is vastly different to the majority of the population, that world can be extremely overwhelming, confusing, and difficult to navigate. Just leaving the house can be exhausting, and yet, small changes to the environment or people’s attitudes yield huge improvements in accessibility.   […]

Sensory Overload; Speaking From An Autistic Perspective

Sensory overload is one of those things where you don’t really know what it’s like until it happens to you. Sometimes, you don’t know you’ve experienced sensory overload until it’s over. It can be truly terrifying at times. Sensory overload takes place when a person’s bodily senses become over stimulated. This can happen because of  […]

Days Out With Kids In Newcastle

Days Out With Kids In Newcastle Do you need suggestions for where to go for your Days Out With Kids In Newcastle? At Eric Knows, we are here to help you find places and events that suit your needs. Whether you are needing to find somewhere for a family day out, with wheelchair access, or […]

Going out after lockdown

Coming out of lockdown As the covid situation changes, lockdown rules have eased off a bit, and more and more of use are receiving the vaccination, the world is opening up a bit more, like some kind of blanket being removed. A blanket that affects us all differently; some of us can’t wait to throw […]

Some of the inspiration behind Eric Knows

My eldest son had problems after he was born, and I didn’t even notice! When I had my eldest son, and he was a very small baby, he had some really quite complex problems, they were neurological in nature. But I hadn’t picked up on these initially (no one had, they were not problems that […]

Finding charities, for more reason than one!

Building a sourcing website during a global pandemic! There has to be easier thigs right?! I can tell you categorically you are correct! Here at Eric HQ we had a nugget of inspiration, long before Covid- 19 was ever a thing; wouldn’t it be amazing if people had a simple way of looking for things […]

What makes life easier…you know if are you autistic, or happen to use a wheelchair, or have other needs ?

It’s early days and we don’t want to get too technical, but if you fancy a bit of inspiration, then read on. Firstly; we didn’t invent Eric or his awesome searching website to only search for things that could cater for people in wheelchairs. We built the website (well our amazing IT gurus built it) […]

Welcome to our new website

Introducing Eric! Welcoming you…. Eric…who? So this is Eric, he’s a Koala with a telescope, and a mission. (Nope, that’s not a beer bottle he’s holding, but we could run with it)… Making searching easy and inclusive! Eric is a searching website, he helps you find fun things to do and places to go, health […]