famous singers with learning disabilities

Lewis Capaldi

one of the ways in which Capaldi’s fans showed support  for him, was singing  words to one of his songs, to  where his Tourette/ticks  made him unable to sing.

this shows the level of care and support his fans have for him, helping him through a critical point during a live performance.


Name: Lewis Marc Capaldi

age 27

born 7 October in Glasgow now lives in East Whitburn. He is

he started  learn to play the guitar at age 9;in time he became singer song writer,  the people who inspired him are Matty Healy, Adam Hann Ross,  George Daniel, from 1975. and bands like Arctic Monkeys Kings of Leon.

continues to sing and perform through his difficulties and still writing own music.

with the support of professional people.

his had 50 nominations, 20 awards in total and he is still very popular with his fans through out   the world. and carries on entertaining.

for further more  informatiom  visit his website  

this write up could help other people out they who are struggling with similar  health problems to give them courage  and inspiration to follow they dreams, to achieve great things.


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