Eric’s Inclusion Academy

Here at Eric HQ, our aim is obviously helping people find inclusive places to go and things to do in their area. But what if you, as a hard working manager, owner, founder (I could go on..) need support for their staff on what it can mean to:

  • Be neurodivergent (including but not limited to, autism, ADHD, dyslexia)
  • Be a wheelchair user
  • Have mobility needs
  • Have a traumatic or acquired brain injury
  • Experience problems with fatigue
  • Have sensory needs


You and your staff work too hard to not have recognition for all the great work you do, why not add to that by gaining a deeper understanding on things? We don’t expect people to be psychic and we support through friendly discussion, using real life anecdotes. We cover the sort of things people may not know or understand unless you actually have those discussions. By learning more about people with disabilities you can create:

  • A happier work environment for all
  • Increased customer base
  • Increased revenue as a result
  • Becoming a beacon for good/best practice
  • Happier, more productive staff with fewer days lost to sick leave


If you would like bespoke, support and training delivered for your staff/place of work, please get in touch with us. We know a thing or two about what challenges people can face, from both first hand and extensive professional experience, and we can provide friendly, supportive training and advocacy to assist you in doing what you do best. Get in touch to discuss yours or your companies needs and costs of training.


Thank you to Tobias Bjorkli for the picture!