TCR stands for Teesdale Community Services and it is a community centre based just outside Barnard Castle. This unique, state of the art facility set within the heart of Teesdale, is home to this charitable organisation that has been delivering an extensive program of activities to young people in the area, for over 30 years. The centre offers a range of services and activities that are available to all of the community.

TCR Hub Community Centre in Barnard Castle

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Some of their activities include:

  • Youth work (including activities like the Duke Of Edinburgh)
  • Care packages
  • Creative practices
  • Music and dancing
  • Performances
  • Sports and fitness
  • Education and training
  • Social and cultural events


It is an inclusive venue that can be used as a meeting place and a safe space to relax. It can also be used as a party venue, or a venue for a business conference. The TCR Hub has also received awards in social responsibility and equality, diversity and inclusion. It was once recognised at the Northeast Projects with Pride Awards for LGBTQ+ work. People of all ages and come here to learn, have fun, and make new friends.

The building is progressively modern architecture, featuring a grass-covered roof that literally blends in with the surrounding natural environment. The indoor space includes the atrium with a glass covered ceiling allowing in sunlight throughout the day. On the other side of the building, they have an outdoor area featuring a lake and beautiful gardens to stroll around. The entire venue is rich with wildlife all year round- their lake swimming with carp and their trees and shrubs teeming with birds of all species. Even the roof is a natural ecosystem for wild fowl and birds of prey.

The entire community centre in Barnard Castle is ran by a dedicated team of volunteers. If you’re interested in volunteering opportunities in Barnard Castle area, then this community centre would be perfect for you- click here to find out more!

Services at This Community Centre in Barnard Castle

Whether you’re looking for help getting into employment, looking for after school activities for the kids, or looking to meet new people and get out the house? This community centre in Barnard Castle will have a service, activity or group meet-up that you will benefit from so it’s definitely worth popping round for a cuppa and a chat to one of the staff!

We will cover what types of services this community centre in Barnard Castle has to offer to the community. The following include:

  • Accommodation
  • Catering
  • Transport
  • Music studio
  • Outdoor activities and facilities
  • Parties
  • Room hiring


As well as being a centre for the community of Barnard Castle, it is also a place for people to stay for a short break or holiday. It offers the perfect getaway at the countryside with access to all facilities including free wi-fi. There are five rooms altogether, each accommodating up to 7 people per room. There is access to onsite outdoor activities including high ropes and sports, and a kitchen with microwave, dinnerware and sinks. Each bedroom has a combination of bunk beds and single beds. There are separate male and female bathrooms by the bedrooms and also disabled shower and toilet facilities.

As well as sleeping in the indoor accommodation, there is also camping available on site too. There is plenty of land for people to pitch their own tents with access to kitchen and bathroom facilities in the hub. People camping can also cook outside on the hard surface amphitheater area.

Find out more on their website by clicking here.


Inside the TCR Hub community centre in Barnard Castle, there is a café open to the public. The café is only open when there is an event and on activity days. They serve all hot drinks including tea and coffee, as well as fresh juice and soft drinks. The café operates on a help-yourself basis, where visitors can grab a tray and help yourself to drinks and snacks.

The centre also provides catering services for events including meetings, business conferences, and parties. You can order a hot or cold buffet, a three-course meal, tapas and canapes.


The TCR Hub have been delivering Community Transport for over 40 years. They own mini-buses for up to 11-16 passengers, the 11-seater mini-bus is wheelchair friendly. People can hire a mini-bus for just about any event whether it’s a school trip or business away-day. Phone the TCR Hub for any inquiries.

Music studios

The onsite music studio is available for Youth Groups and schools to use. The community centre works alongside professional teachers around Barnard Castle area, as well as musicians and technicians. There is also a recording studio that can be hired, complete with professional state-of-the-art equipment, software and microphones.

There are plenty of soundproofed spaces to work in, and the space is designed to enable recordings from up to nine independent spaces. This is ideal for large music bands to perform live with good quality from different instruments. Musicians can view each other through acoustic windows in each separate space and also communicate with each other via a headset.

There are three larger rehearsal practice spaces as well with optimum acoustic design for large bands and groups to rehearse together. Each practice room includes amplifiers, PA system and microphones.

If yourself or someone else you know, is interested in music and would like to join a group, then there are music lessons running at the TCR Hub too. Tuition sessions vary from independent 1:1 lessons or small group lessons for beginners focusing on a particular instrument. Click here if you interested in learning more.

Outdoor activities

This community centre in Barnard Castle also have outdoor activities on site too including high ropes. The high ropes equipment is designed to test one’s confidence and skill at height with many different challenges built into the course. The high ropes is bookable for parties and ideal for business corporate events too. Click here to find out more.

Kayaking and canoeing is another activity that visitors can take part in on their on site lake. Visitors can also have a go at raft building too. Perfect activity to build confidence and have great fun.

The archery range is located in the grounds of the TCR Hub, a great activity for those who feel more competitive!

All of the outdoor activities sessions are bookable by emailing

As well as the activities, visitors and members of the public can simply pop by to go for a walk around the gardens. There is also the outdoor stage and amphitheater where live music events take place typically during the summer months.


People can book parties every Saturday and most Sundays all year round. Weekdays during school holidays are also available for booking parties. The party room can be used for up to 90 minutes plus 20 minutes for food. There is a minimum requirement of 8 children per party. The centre also has a bouncy castle room for bouncy castle parties.

Discos can also be booked for up to 50 children.

Other parties can include outdoor activities suitable for children 8+ and a minimum 4 and maximum of 12 children. Any of the outdoor activities can be booked.

Pop Star Parties can be booked too, and this will involve your little ones becoming their favorite pop star for the day and a themed lunch, chocolate lolly making, wand crafting, singing and dancing.

Click here to view more details on booking parties.

Room hiring

The community centre based in Barnard Castle has many different rooms available for people to hire including:

  • Drama & conference room
  • Dance studio
  • Smaller meeting rooms

The spaces are ideal for meeting and seminars, with full wi-fi access, screen provision, break-out spaces, and free on-site parking. Catering is also provided for the rooms too.

Projects & Groups at This Community Centre in Barnard Castle

The TCR Hub community centre in Barnard Castle also runs regular groups and projects every week for people in the community to attend. The projects are aimed to help and benefit people in the community in many ways. The following projects include:

  • Baby & toddler groups
  • Food provision
  • Cost of living support
  • Duke of Edinburgh
  • Family activities
  • LGBTQIA+ groups
  • Sessions for older people
  • Sessions for veterans

Baby & Toddlers

The baby and toddler sessions are ideal for families and mothers who need help and support with childcare. There is a Tea & Tots session for 0-5 year-olds every Wednesday afternoon only £4 each- tickets can be booked online by clicking here. There is also breastfeeding support groups on a Tuesday morning. This is an informal group to relax and for mothers to socialise with other mums.

Food Provision

The TCR Hub community centre in Barnard Castle are currently running a Food Waste Project known as “The Community Fridge”, where they collect surplus fresh food from local supermarkets including vegetables, fruit, and bakery goods. Their fridge is available for anyone to use every day and is just in front of the Atrium by the main entrance. All food in the fridge and pantry is free but there is a suggested donation per bag. Volunteers also deliver food packages to people at home who may be unable to access the Hub every week. Click here for more information about deliveries.

Cost of Living

For cost of living support, the TCR Hub offers care packages and runs a warm spaces scheme. Click here for more information.

Duke of Edinburgh

They also run a Duke Of Edinburgh Award scheme as well. This award scheme is open to young people 14-25 years old. They currently support young people in schools and colleges as well as home-schooled people too in Barnard Castle area. The centre also delivers group training sessions to prepare young people for expeditions both on foot and canoeing. Training sessions are three days at the Hub and there is also an 8 week long canoeing course. Click here to find out more about costs and dates coming up.


The TCR Hub community centre also strives to put families at the heart of the community work they do in Barnard Castle. This includes providing support, advice and activities via a range of services to people of all ages. The following sessions and activities include:

  • Family social clubs
  • Breastfeeding group
  • Fun & Food sessions
  • School gate food runs
  • Advice, support & signposting
  • Tea & Tots

Click here to find out more about each activity.


The LGBTQIA+ groups and activities include a Pride For Youth group, and they organise events throughout the year including crafting workshops, outdoor barbecues, family service drop-ins and much more. Click here to see!

Elderly People

Session and events for older people include the Bring Your Own Sewing project, menopause information sessions, well-being walks and crafting sessions and much much more, click here to check it out.


For veterans, they run a “Through The Soldier’s Eyes” project which entails afternoon tea events, for more information on upcoming events click here!

Accessibility at This Community Centre in Barnard Castle

The TCR Hub community centre in Barnard Castle is very accessible and accommodating to people of all needs both physically and mentally.

Wheelchair access

Their main entrance is very wide with automatic doors and requires no steps to climb to get in and out. This makes it very wheelchair-friendly. The whole of the atrium and café seating area is on a flat level hard floor. The self-service canteen bar is low enough for people sitting in wheelchairs to view the display cabinet and reach the trays.

There are revolving doors leading out the back of the building across the atrium from the main entrance. These lead to the outdoor area where the garden, lake and amphitheater are. There is a board walk around the lake and most of the gardens have wide footpaths making it wheelchair-friendly.

Toilet facilities

The main toilets are to the left as you enter the main entrance opposite the café. There are both ladies’ and men’s toilets as well as a disabled toilet with baby-changing facilities. The accommodation bedroom facilities also have access to disabled toilets which are all on the same level, and these include disabled showers too.

Food and drink

As part of one of their projects, this Barnard Castle community centre have an ongoing food waste project where they provide access to a community fridge. The fridge is located just to the left right in front of the main entrance. Here, people can help themselves to fresh fruit and veg, bakery items including bread and croissants, and other chilled goods. It’s totally free, but they do ask for a donation!

The café is a self-service station where they have a display cabinet for hot and cold food including cakes, sandwiches, pies and salads. There is also hot and cold drinks available too. There is something for people of all tastes and dietary requirements available. The self-service system limits the need to queue and interact with other people which is ideal for those who don’t feel comfortable around other people. The seating area here is well thought-out for people with different seating requirements. They provide long benches at low height and ordinary chairs at average height for people with different posture requirements.

Inclusive services

All of the services are targeted at benefiting the mental health and well-being of the community. This includes people from new-born babies to elderly people. The following people with mental health needs would benefit from attending some of the Hub’s services:

  • People diagnosed with medical health issues
  • Isolated people
  • People struggling with financial issues
  • Anxiety & depression
  • Autism and other learning difficulties
  • Down’s syndrome
  • Parents struggling with childcare

Click here to find out more.

Outdoor space

Their outdoor space and facilities are open to members of the public at certain times. This includes the gardens, lake and amphitheater. It is a beautiful spot to go out and go for a well-being walk, meditation, or just for fresh air and personal space. There are benches provided too so people can sit down and rest.

The facilities outside include the high ropes, BMX, mountain bike and skate park, camping grounds and canoeing. All activities are beneficial for those seeking social interaction, exercise and learning new skills all of which can benefit a young person’s well-being. All of these can be booked online by clicking here.


A lot of the services and projects are targeted towards children and families with children. They are intended to help ensure young children receive social interaction, opportunities to develop their skills and learning in a safe environment, and ultimately have fun.

Events also take place around the year which families with children would definitely enjoy visiting. Click here to check out what’s on at the TCR Hub community centre in Barnard Castle.


The atmosphere in the building is immediately calm and relaxing as you walk in. It’s a quiet space that a lot of people use to come in and sit and do a bit of reading, studying or just to sit and chat with friends and family and the volunteer staff.

It’s a very social environment with a sense of everyone is made to feel welcome. Staff are available to chat to and there are also plenty of notice boards with information on events and group sessions taking place. In the day time, the atrium room is brightly lit with sunlight through the glass roof. The other rooms throughout the centre are well-equipped and offer a sense of privacy for group sessions.


There is onsite parking which includes disabled parking spaces nearest to the building entrance. There is also a bike shelter for people cycling to the community centre.

Public transport

The nearest bus stop is on the main road just before the turn off to the community centre and opposite where Lidl supermarket is. Bus services run from here all the way to Bishop Auckland, County Durham and even as far as Newcastle. Other bus services can be caught from Darlington and Teesdale. There is no train station in Barnard Castle area.


We hope you found this listing helpful in finding community centres that provide services that will benefit you or someone you know. We also recommend visiting the 4 Clocks in Bishop Auckland or getting in touch with Bridge Creative and visiting their COSE.


Q Is the centre open to anyone in the public?

Yes, the space can be used at anytime during office opening hours but note that the cafe is only open when there is an event or activity running.

Q Can anyone book the outdoor activities?

Activities are available for anyone to book including large groups such as schools as well as parties with children. You can get more information by visiting the site.

Q Are dogs allowed in the centre?

The outdoor space is welcome to well-behaved dogs. Dogs can also be bought to stay in the accommodation too.

Q How do I speak to a member of staff at the centre?

There is a reception desk to the right as you enter the building. There will also be staff here and there for you to talk to. The office is open 12-5pm.

Q Is the centre open outside of office hours?

Yes, rooms can be hired and classes and sessions do take place throughout the day and on some evenings Monday to Saturday. Activities can be booked every Saturday and every OTHER Sunday. The centre isn't open to the public outside of office hours but you can still contact the centre during these times on 01833690150 for any enquiries.

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